Command 'update-k8s'

See also: add-k8s, remove-k8s


Updates an existing k8s endpoint used by Juju.


juju update-k8s [options] <k8s name>


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication
--c, --controller Controller to operate in
--client false Client operation
--f The path to a cloud definition file


juju update-k8s microk8s
juju update-k8s myk8s -f path/to/k8s.yaml
juju update-k8s myk8s -f path/to/k8s.yaml --controller mycontroller
juju update-k8s myk8s --controller mycontroller
juju update-k8s myk8s --client --controller mycontroller
juju update-k8s myk8s --client -f path/to/k8s.yaml


Update k8s cloud information on this client and/or on a controller.

The k8s cloud can be a built-in cloud like microk8s.

A k8s cloud can also be updated from a file. This requires a <cloud name> and a yaml file containing the cloud details.

A k8s cloud on the controller can also be updated just by using a name of a k8s cloud from this client.

Use --controller option to update a k8s cloud on a controller.

Use --client to update a k8s cloud definition on this client.

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