Command 'juju download'


juju download [options] [options] <charm>


Locates and then downloads a CharmHub charm.

Global Options:

--debug  (= false)

Equivalent to --show-log --logging-config=<root>=DEBUG

-h, --help  (= false)

Show help on a command or other topic.

--logging-config (= "")

Specify log levels for modules

--quiet  (= false)

Show no informational output

--show-log  (= false)

If set, write the log file to stderr

--verbose  (= false)

Show more verbose output

Command Options:

--arch (= "all")

Specify an arch <all|amd64|arm64|armhf|i386|ppc64el|riscv64|s390x>

--base (= "")

Specify a base

--channel (= "")

Specify a channel to use instead of the default release

--charmhub-url (= "")

Specify the Charmhub URL for querying the store

--filepath (= "")

Filepath location of the charm to download to

--no-progress  (= false)

Disable the progress bar

--series (= "all")

Specify a series. DEPRECATED use --base


Download a charm to the current directory from the CharmHub store by a specified name. Downloading for a specific base can be done via --base. --base can be specified using the OS name and the version of the OS, separated by @. For example, --base ubuntu@22.04.

Adding a hyphen as the second argument allows the download to be piped to stdout.


juju download postgresql
juju download postgresql --no-progress - > postgresql.charm

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