Juju version compatibility matrix

Newer versions of Juju are compatible with older versions, but only up to a point. For each version of Juju, there is a minimum supported agent / CLI client version that it can communicate with. These values are stored as constants in the source code, in the file upgrades/upgradevalidation/version.go.

For convenience, we have created a Juju version compatibility matrix below. For each version of Juju, this matrix lists its minimum supported agent/client versions.

The minimum supported agent version applies to communication between an older and newer Juju controller, including:

  • model migrations
  • cross-model relations

The minimum supported client version applies to operations using an older Juju client with a newer Juju controller, including:

  • upgrades
  • model migrations

3.2 series

Juju version Min. agent Min. client
3.2.3 2.9.43 2.9.42
3.2.2 2.9.43 2.9.42
3.2.0 2.9.43 2.9.36

3.1 series

Juju version Min. agent Min. client
3.1.5 2.9.36 2.9.42
3.1.2 2.9.36 2.9.36
3.1.0 2.9.36 2.9.36

Last updated 2 months ago.