Upgrade `juju`

See also: Upgrading things, juju (the Juju CLI client)

This document demonstrates how to upgrade juju.

Ensure you’ve created a backup of your ./local/share/juju before starting the upgrade process for the client. See How to back up juju.

If the Juju client was installed via snap, the updates to the client should be handled automatically. You can see the latest version of the installed snap by calling snap info juju.

$ snap info juju
name:    juju
summary: Juju - a model-driven operator lifecycle manager for K8s and
publisher: Canonical✓
store-url: https://snapcraft.io/juju
contact:   https://canonical.com/
license:   AGPL-3.0
description: |
  A model-driven **universal operator lifecycle manager** for multi cloud and
  hybrid cloud application management on K8s and machines.

  - juju 
  juju.fetch-oci: oneshot, enabled, inactive
snap-id:      e2CPHpB1fUxcKtCyJTsm5t3hN9axJ0yj
tracking:     3.0/stable
refresh-date: 17 days ago, at 14:08 CEST
  2.9/stable:       2.9.35            2022-10-12 (20892) 95MB classic
  2.9/candidate:    2.9.37            2022-11-03 (21315) 96MB classic
  2.9/beta:         ↑                                         
  2.9/edge:         2.9.38-532e023    2022-11-08 (21381) 97MB classic
  latest/stable:    2.9.35            2022-10-22 (20892) 95MB classic
  latest/candidate: 2.9.37            2022-11-03 (21315) 96MB classic
  latest/beta:      ↑                                         
  latest/edge:      3.1-beta1-603a20c 2022-10-20 (21077) 76MB -
  3.0/stable:       3.0.0             2022-10-22 (21122) 76MB -
  3.0/candidate:    ↑                                         
  3.0/beta:         ↑                                         
  3.0/edge:         3.0.1-0c072be     2022-11-08 (21377) 76MB -
  2.8/stable:       2.8.13            2021-11-11 (17665) 74MB classic
  2.8/candidate:    ↑                                         
  2.8/beta:         ↑                                         
  2.8/edge:         ↑                                         
  2.7/stable:       2.7.8             2020-07-22 (13563) 77MB classic
  2.7/candidate:    ↑                                         
  2.7/beta:         ↑                                         
  2.7/edge:         ↑                                         
installed:          3.0.0                        (21122) 76MB -

If there has been a new release but the juju snap hasn’t been refreshed, you can manually trigger this with sudo snap refresh juju.

Moving from one channel to another can be done using the --channel argument.

For some channels, e.g., 2.9, one must also attach the --classic flag. See snap help refresh for what this flag and others mean.

sudo snap refresh --channel=2.9 --classic juju

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