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See also: Controller, How to manage configuration values for a controller

This table lists all the controller configuration keys. Those keys that can be assigned in real-time (post-bootstrap) are tagged with [RT].

Key Type Default Valid values Purpose
agent-logfile-max-backups integer 2 The number of old agent log files to keep (compressed).
agent-logfile-max-size string 100M 400M, 5G etc The maximum size of the agent log file.
agent-ratelimit-max integer null The maximum size of the token bucket used to ratelimit agent connections.
agent-ratelimit-rate string null The time taken to add a new token to the ratelimit bucket.
allow-model-access bool null false/true Determines if the controller allows users to connect to models they have been authorized for even when they don’t have any access rights to the controller itself.
api-port integer 17070 The port used for api connections.
api-port-open-delay [RT] string “2s” 10s, etc. The duration that the controller will wait between when the controller has been deemed to be ready to open the api-port and when the api-port is actually opened (only used when a controller-api-port value is set).
application-resource-download-limit integer 0 (unlimited) The maximum number of concurrent resources downloads per application.
audit-log-capture-args [RT] bool false false/true Determines if the audit log contains the arguments passed to API methods.
audit-log-exclude-methods [RT] string ReadOnlyMethods [Some.Method,…] The list of Facade.Method names that aren’t interesting for audit logging purposes.
audit-log-max-backups integer 10 The number of old audit log files to keep (compressed).
audit-log-max-size integer 300 The maximum size for the current controller audit log file.
auditing-enabled [RT] bool true false/true Determines if the controller records auditing information.
autocert-dns-name string null The DNS name of the controller.
autocert-url string null The URL used to obtain official TLS certificates when a client connects to the API.
batch-raft-fsm bool false Allow raft to use batch writing to the FSM.
bootstrap-address-delay integer 10 How often in seconds to refresh controller addresses from the API server
bootstrap-retry-delay integer 5 How long in seconds to wait between connection attempts to a controller
bootstrap-timeout integer 600 How long in seconds to wait for a connection to the controller
ca-cert string (auto generated) The certificate of the CA that signed the controller’s CA certificate, in PEM format
caas-image-repo string null The docker repo to use for the jujud operator and mongo images.
caas-operator-image-path string null (deprecated) The url of the docker image used for the application operator. Use “caas-image-repo” instead.
charmstore-url string link The url for charmstore API calls - typically developer only, unless/until we support on-prem charm stores
controller-api-port [RT] integer if unset, defaults to api-port value An optional port that may be set for controllers that have a very heavy load. If this port is set, this port is used by the controllers to talk to each other - used for the local API connection as well as the pubsub forwarders, and the raft workers. If this value is set, the api-port isn’t opened until the controllers have started properly.
controller-name string (set at bootstrap) The name of the controller, use for things like creating a FQDN address on k8s
controller-resource-download-limit integer 0 (unlimited) The maximum number of concurrent resources downloads across all the applications on the controller.
controller-uuid string (auto generated) The UUID of the controller
features set.Strings null A list of runtime changeable features to be updated.
identity-public-key string null The public key of the identity manager.
identity-url string null The url of the identity manager.
juju-db-snap-channel string “4.4/stable” Sets channel for installing mongo snaps when bootstrapping on focal or later.
juju-ha-space string null The network space within which the MongoDB replica-set should communicate.
juju-mgmt-space string null The network space that agents should use to communicate with controllers.
max-agent-state-size integer 512 * 1024 The maximum size (in bytes) of internal state data that agents can store to the controller,
max-charm-state-size integer 2 * 1024 * 1024 The maximum size (in bytes) of charm-specific state that units can store to the controller.
max-debug-log-duration time.Duration 24 * time.Hour The maximum duration that a debug-log session is allowed to run.
max-logs-age string 72h 72h, etc. Sets the maximum age for log entries before they are pruned, in human-readable time format
max-logs-size string 4G 400M, 5G, etc. Sets the maximum size for the log collection, in human-readable memory format
max-prune-txn-batch-size [RT] integer 1.00E+06 100000, 1e+05, etc. (deprecated) The maximum number of transactions evaluated in one go when pruning.
max-prune-txn-passes [RT] integer 100 (deprecated) The maximum number of batches processed when pruning.
max-txn-log-size string 10M 100M, 1G, etc. The maximum size the of capped txn log collection.
migration-agent-wait-time time.Duration “15m” 30m, 1h, etc. The maximum during model migrations that the migration worker will wait for agents to report on phases of the migration.
model-logfile-max-backups integer 2 The number of old model log files to keep (compressed).
model-logfile-max-size integer 10 The maximum size of the log file written out by the controller on behalf of workers running for a model.
model-logs-size ModelLogsSizeMB integer DefaultModelLogsSizeMB = 20 200M, 3G etc The size of the capped collections used to hold the logs for the models.
mongo-memory-profile string low low/default Sets mongo memory profile.
non-synced-writes-to-raft-log [RT] bool false false/true Do not perform fsync calls after appending entries to the raft log. Disabling sync improves performance at the cost of reliability.
prune-txn-query-count [RT] integer 1000 10000, 1e+04, etc. The number of transactions to read in a single query.
prune-txn-sleep-time [RT] string 10ms 5ms, 100ms, etc. The amount of time to sleep between processing each batch query.
public-dns-address string null Public DNS address (with port) of the controller.
set-numa-control-policy bool false false/true Determines if the NUMA control policy is set.
state-port integer 37017 The port used for mongo connections.

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